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Office Pools -Survivor

Office Pools for NFL Football & Other Sports

This is the third article in a series discussing a few office pools that can be tailored to almost any sport, but that are particularly well suited to NFL football.

The first article discussed the basic rules for a point spread office pool and the second article explained a variation for confidence levels. In this article, I will discuss a survivor office pool in which the goal is to be the last remaining participant.

Survivor Office Pools

There are many variations to this type of office pool. The basic idea is to create an elimination contest where the last person remaining in the pool wins. Here is a basic scenario.

Each week, participants pick the one team that they are most confident will win (you can include a point spread or just make this an outright win).

Anyone losing their pick is out of the game (or you can give each participant two losses before they are out). Play continues until there is only one person left in the pool.

If there is more than one survivor at the end of the season, they will split the pot (or you can include some sort of tie breaker in the contest).

One variation that is popular is to limit the number of times a participant can pick a team. This prevents participants from simply picking the same top team every week.

I hope this series of articles has given you a few ideas for your next sports office pool. There are many variations on these pools so be creative and have fun.

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