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Why Hunt

Man has been in the hunting game all throughout his existence. Primitive man's main job was to hunt. Survival depended on it.

Early man had to hunt for food and clothing, as well as shelter and protection.But, why do so many people in modern civilizations still hunt?.You would think that hunting would be more of a hassle than it's worth. The cost of hunting supplies such as guns, ammo, clothing, deer stands, blinds, bird calls, decoys, all terrain vehicles, hunting licenses, hunting leases and on and on would seem to be prohibitive enough in itself.Then there is the wee early morning hours when a hunter might have to be in the wild to be set up for the hunt because that's when game becomes active. This may involve extensive travel to the best location, in addition to 'packing in' quite a distance to get there, which may include additional travel into the wilderness via ATV, horseback, or hiking.

Additionally, those early mornings may include dealing with cold and wet weather, mud, fog and a number of obstacles before you ever get to your 'spot.'.Furthermore, when you finally get there, there can be long stretches of nothing to do but to sit and wait silently and motionless with nothing to do but concentrate and hope.Of course, if you are an aggressive hunter and not one to sit still hiding in waiting, you will have to do some hiking to find your prey; thus, you will experience other discomforts such as fatigue from hiking up and down the terrain (good luck if you are not used to hiking).So, why do so many people love to hunt? The reasons are numerous.Fun, power, satisfaction, defense, environmental control, oneness with nature, oneness with their maker, discovery of inner self, communing with friends and family, getting away from it all, and yes, even food.

For more on why people still hunt, see "Why Hunt? Part 2".

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By: Bobby Ivie


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