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Street Hockey Equipment

Americans love their street hockey?almost as much as Canadians. The appeal? The sport can be played on any open street, field or even an alleyway with old equipment and custom-made rules.The gear is similar to equipment used in regulation hockey and is played according to weather conditions.

On an icy surface, a puck, which is made of hard, vulcanized rubber is used. On pavement, a ball made of molded plastic is substituted. Either can be bought cheaply at local sporting goods stores. The hockey stick, available for about $30, is made of wood, covered with fiberglass and has a flat base to maneuver the puck or the ball.Goal-nets used in street hockey are made of steel frames and nylon nets and are priced at around $300 and up.

Since street hockey is a neighborhood game, there are no hard and fast rules concerning the players' clothing or safety gear. Boots or skates are generally worn accordingly. Players wear jerseys with shorts or loose pants and socks.

Elbow pads, kneepads and shin guards are worn for protection. Mouth guards, jock straps gloves and wrist pads are recommended for safety.The goalie requires the most protection. A helmet fitted with a mask cage, along with a chest protector with attached shoulder guards. Elbow and wrist guards and back guards, leg pads equipped with shin and calf guards and even ankle and heel protectors complete the uniform.

Of course, street players may not use all of the recommended safety equipment?but then they're playing according to their own rules, which are probably a lot more flexible in the neighborhood.

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By: Kent Pinkerton


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