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So You Think You Know What a Trawler is

Trawlers, sometimes referred to as commercial fishing boats, receive their name because of their similarity and looks to a commercial fishing vessel that uses trawling as a fishing method. One distinguishing feature about a true, cruising trawler is the raised pilothouse that has a standup engine and mechanical room under the salon, and a displacement hull. Combined with a single engine that usually has a large fuel capacity, this boat is tremendous for long range cruising and has been proven over the years to be very seaworthy. It will sleep from 2 to 8 people for extended periods of time with the sleeping spaces located under the pilothouse and forward under the bow.

This boat can be expensive new, ranging in price from $150,000 to a million US dollars. Used vessels range from $50,000 and up. Most trawlers are powered with a single, diesel engine and have a small generator/get home engine in case of failure. In the event of grounding it has a protective skeg to protect the drive system and rudder, and also an inboard drive. With the advent of technology, there are many trawler look-alikes' out there that have twin engines with semi-displacement hulls and are capable of doing 25-plus knots.

The jury is still out as to whether these hybrids can actually claim to be trawlers. Generally, trawlers are 80 to 250 hp.A trawler can range from 32 to over 70 feet and will be made from steel, fiberglass, wood or aluminum materials.

It comes complete with a displacement hull that has a long keel, and a skew that is capable of speeds around 10 knots, depending on its length. This type of boat is not trailer- able, but is a great live-aboard boat and is ideal for long-range economical cruising. Remember that this type of boat is not a speedboat, and you'll find that only a sailboat is slower.

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By: Terry Price


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