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NFL NBA NHL and Other Pro Athletes Face Battle

NFL, NBA, NHL and other pro athletes face a difficult battle in trying to win titles in their respective sports. If you are not familiar with the life of an athlete, you may not know that it is a world inside it's own. With all of the professional sports that are viewed by millions of adoring fans, the recipe for their success is not placed on roadside billboards, nor is it instilled in every child at birth.

As if it is not daunting enough, just to crack a professional sports lineup or roster, there is the added pressure to win. This is not merely an indication that the team will be satisfied with a good season alone, the team wants to be able to say they are the best. This is where winning a championship comes into the picture; it is every athletes dream of hoisting the Super bowl trophy, the Stanley Cup, or the NBA Trophy.So what is it that makes an athlete successful on their endeavor to the holy grail of their respective sport? Blood, Sweat, and Tears of a pro athlete.

This is the true recipe for the success of an athlete. The blood of it all is playing when you know you are hurt, yet you have the will and the desire to be there for the team.The sweat of it all is staying late at practice, regardless of the tempo and regardless of the burning muscles. The tears of it all come when you know you are better as a team, than what you are displaying on the playing field.The mode of success transport is not in everyone it must be taught. This is not to say that an athlete does not have the drive to succeed, this is where that drive needs to be channeled.

Drive is internal, yet guidance is learned this is where the athlete really finds the way to win. By having the wish to be a champion, and the lessons in the winning and loosing the athlete develops the know how to go along with their inner spirit.Many of the athletes that we watch on a daily basis, have been playing this sport at a time where many have still been plunked down in front of a television, this is far deeper than a mere desire, it is their life.


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By: Mark Barnes


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