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News and Notes Around the NFL

The New England Patriots continue to lose players on defense, most recently safety Rodney Harrison yesterday versus the Pittsburgh Steelers. But, true to form, kicker Adam Vinateri makes thye big kick (again) with the game on the line. Yes indeed, despite losing key players and both coordinators, Bill Bellichick still puts the pieces together and the Champs keep on going.Speaking of injuries to Super Bowl teams, the Philadelphia Eagles have a hobblign kicker in David Akers and it looks like quarterback Donovon McNabb is going to have to play through injuries for the rest of the season.

Wasn't it just about a month ago when Terrell Owens and his attitude was the big problem in Philly?? He's still the key player, though.The Dallas Cowboys survived the Monday night hangover after blowing a lead against the Redskins. They bounce back to pull a game out of the fire against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. Unfortunately, them Boys have the same problem as Washington, an old QB who may not make it through the season. Both these teams have nice running backs, but if they lose Bledsoe (Dallas) or Brunell (Washington), their playoff hopes would be over in an instant.

Anyone ready to concede the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year to Tampa Bay Bucaneers running back Cadillac Wiliams yet? Maybe not his former teammate at Auburn, Ronnie Brown. We all know the impact Williams has had on the Tampa during their 3-0 start, but Brown also came up big on Sunday. He rushed for 132 yards to lead the Miami Dolphins over Carolina and to a 2-1 record. Ricky who??.


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