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Miami Heat Finishing Off West Coast Trip Free Daily Basketball Picks

Best: Heat @ Jazz: It's important for Miami to finish strong at the tail end of this West-coast road trip. Andrei Kirilenko deserves a spot on the all-star team if Utah continues their hot streak. Deron Williams might be star struck against Wade; Williams has made some dumb plays at the latter stages of games.

I thought I'd never see Shaq and Ostertag face each other again, but here they are (their rivalry is rather esoteric at this point). Predicted Score: Utah wins in the fourth quarter 103-100.Runner-up: Grizzlies @ Spurs: The Grizzlies have one of the worst records of all-time against any one team, and that team is San Antonio. That's mainly because the franchise was so abysmal in the 1990's. Stoudamire was a big-shot maker and taker and could hold his own against Tony Parker. Bobby Jackson- it's doubtful.

Predicted Score: San Antonio wins a closer than expected game 97-92.Blowout: Hornets @ Rockets: It's absolutely inexcusable for Houston to be 3-9 at home; they have no hope at the playoffs if they continue losing. Toronto, Chicago and Orlando have all won on the road in Houston. The Hornets have already won on the road here in Houston but should find another win anyway.

Predicted Score: New Orleans/Oklahoma City wins 102-89.

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By: David Pincus


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