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How To Read A Rivers Mind

If you are an avid paddler, it is important to become familiar with the different types and parts of rivers. If you are a fan of kayaks or some type of inflatable dinghy, this is must-have knowledge! The first part that you should become familiar with is commonly referred to as chutes. This is the name assigned to a section of fast-moving water that is usually formed after the water flow passes an obstacle of some kind such as an out-cropping of rocks. A chute is comprised mainly of large standing waves called haystacks.

When you see these, it will give you some assurance to know the water is deep and probably rock-free.The next kind is called river bends. Following the inside of a river band is usually the safest route as the water on the outside normally runs much faster and deeper. Typically, on the outside of a river bend, fallen trees and trash will accumulate. These are sometimes dangerous and will put a damper on your kayaking adventure if you end up running into these and flipping over. Keep in mind as well that kayaks do flip and if your personal flotation device gets caught on this debris, you could end up getting pinned underneath and not being able to get out!.

Kayaks love eddies. An eddy is a current of water behind obstacles where the water is calm and can be paddled into. This can provide a place of solace, and also a great place to check gear, rest, drain your boat or scout upcoming rapids.

Waterfalls and dams are the next type, and should be approached with great caution. These can be run into with a minimum of danger, but you should stay away from them until you have excellent paddling skills. Going over waterfalls in an inflatable dinghy can prove to be disastrous! Try to get information about the obstacles ahead from paddlers who've been there before you.

Always be aware that there might be underwater obstacles that can take you by surprise as well.

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