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Fundraising for Youth Groups

Youth Groups are almost always in need of funds. Holding fundraisers to finance important trips like tournaments, museums, and musical events are just some of the needs that have to be met through fundraising. Others include the need for uniforms, sports equipment, art supplies, musical instruments, and more.

There are a lot of different ways your youth group can raise the funds they need. In this article, I will explore some of those with you and try to help you avoid some of the pitfalls. I will let you benefit from my experience and I will help you avoid some of my mistakes.

Let's start right off with candy. I have tried to use candy as a fundraising tool on more than one occasion for more than one youth group.Pros and Cons of using candy as a youth group fundraiser.Pros: Candy is cheap and can be sold for a great profit for your youth group.

Everyone likes candy, so it's a fairly easy sale, especially if you go with name brand candy. The candy is cheap enough that most people have enough money in their pocket to purchase it.Cons: Candy melts. Trust me on this. Candy melts and when it does, your profits melt with it as you try to clean whatever it melted all over. The members of your youth group eat Candy and when the parents have to pay for all the candy YOU let their child eat, you get phone calls.

Trust me on this. You get a lot of phone calls. Candy smells.

Trust me on this. Wherever you store the candy will smell like candy forever. Bigger children steal candy from smaller children and again parents end up paying for the candy and you get the phone calls.Coupon Books are another commonly used Youth Group Fundraiser.

Pros: Some coupon books are filled with free stuff and everyone loves free stuff! Your youth group can raise as much as $10 per coupon book so they need to make less sales to reach their goals.Cons: Everyone still has last year's coupon book. None of the coupons have been used. They never have it with them whenever they go somewhere they might have been able to use it for.

I have been to a door to sell coupon books and had a guy hand me 7 unused coupon books as his donation. He said if I resold those, I would be able to raise more money than if he just bought one again this year. Coupons expire. They usually have a cost of about $10 to $15 per book, but of course the children in YOUR youth group will never lose any of them and their parents won't be calling YOU, like with the candy.

Basically, every fundraiser your youth group takes on will come with responsibility and they all have their pros and cons. However, if you look for a product that has the following features, I believe you will have a more successful fundraising opportunity for your youth group.1. Choose products that do not melt, expire, rot, or otherwise perish.2. Choose products that do not have a large cost per unit, no matter what the profit.

3. Choose products that everyone uses and will get a lot of uses from. Something they will remember being very useful will get them to continue supporting your youth group.4.

Choose products that do not require a lot of storage space.5. Choose products that are popular like things with the donor's favorite major league baseball or football team logo on them.If you follow those simple rules, your youth group fundraiser will be easy to manage, you won't end up stuck with a lot of leftover product to store, your storage area won't smell, you won't need to clean up messes, and best of all, the parents of your youth group participants won't be calling you.


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By: D. David Dugan


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