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Collecting Trainers An Interview With An Expert

Trainer collectors come in different forms ? some collecting because they like the shoes and want to wear them, some for nostalgic reasons and others because they have a serious passion to build a valuable collection.In this first article of our new collectors series, we bring you an exclusive interview with New York collector Nick Gonzalez. New York is a hot bed for valuable trainers and Nick is one of the area's most famous collectors, a true expert in his field.TRAINERSHACK: How did you get in to collecting trainers?.

NICK GONZALEZ: The right sneakers are very important when you're growing up as a kid. I spent most of my leisure time on the basketball courts and if you weren't wearing Jordans you might as well not even show. I kept the first pair I owned and it went on from there.TS: How many pairs do you have in your collection?.

NG: I must have over 500 by now I guess. I only wear about five or six pairs myself, the rest are boxed up in the spare room.TS: Do you have a favourite pair?.

NG: I've always had an affinity to the Air Jordans but my collection is so vast it's hard to choose just one pair. I guess other than those, it would have to be a pair of the Air Force 1s. They have got me through a few scrapes on the courts.TS: Do you collect all the brands?.NG: I was brought up with Nikes but I love anything as long as it's got some sort of appeal to me. I've got a good selection of Adidas Stan Smiths and have a soft spot for the Reebok Pumps I own ? going back to my court days I guess.

TS: What sneakers are you wearing now?.NG: I woke up with no clothing direction this morning so I went for Superstars ? they go with anything.TS: What has been your best find?.NG: When I was visiting relatives in Chicago they took me to this store that was closing down.

The owner had a pair of original Air Max 95s and he only wanted 35 dollars for them. They were in my size and I took them away. I gave him an extra 50 bucks for them though.

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By: Alex R.


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