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Basketball player McElwain an example for humanity

The autistic basketball player Jason McElwain is a current student at Greece High School located in Rochester, New York. He recently became a basketball star when his coach Jim Johnson allowed him to play in the team's last game of the year.

McElwain took his chance and scored 20 points during four minutes, he missed two shots on the first minute, but it seems it made him stronger as Jason hit six straight 3-pointers and another baske, in the remaining 3 minutes.

Coach Johnson has been the manager of the varsity basketball team at Greece Athena High School.

Johnson said he has coached a lot of wonderful kids during his career, but he had never seen such an amazing performance.

More than a star, McElwain showed all youngsters there is no impediment to reach any dream or goal. He literally felt at the top of the world doing what he wanted and enjoying every single second of the game.

In today's world, there are too many disabled people that practice a specific sport and they even have different tournaments or contests at which they can compete and develop themselves as amazing athletes. These athletes now have a lot of opportunities and the most important thing is the satisfaction they feel while reaching a dream and the happiness of being part of the sport world.

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By: Jill Woods


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