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Basketball for Beginners Positions Part

There are various offensive strategies, with quite a few more options to choose from than the defensive end. All offensive plays are built through advance planning of certain movements and passes between players to eventually reach the goal. For example, a fast movement by a player who is not in possession of the ball in order to gain a better position is called a cut. If an offensive player attempts to stop one of their opponents from guarding a teammate without any illegal actions, it is referred to as a screen or a pick. If these two moves are combined, the strategy is referred to as the pick and roll.

All of these movements are important in offensive play because they allow for teamwork and fast passes, which are more effective in achieving a basket and keeping the defense on its toes.The coach is in charge of calling time outs to discuss a change in strategy or court lineup. While on the court, the point guard is typically in control of making decisions as to which play the team will opt for.

Though structures of the defensive and offensive strategies are more prevalent and highly stressed in higher levels of basketball, especially professional levels, these basics are learned early on in high school and college level basketball.

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By: Peter Portero


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